365 creations

365 creations

365 actions of art

After letting my studio rest in dust for about three years, I have now decided to take the challenge of making anything that could be called "an action of art" every day for a year. Could be a drawing, painting, installation, stop-motion, doll or whatever is flaming my desire that particular day. Or not - in that case I just have to do it anyway. The goal is to wake my brain and inspire my soul to get rid of all that dust and let the light shine, let that inner 5-year old child in me have fun! Join me!

To see some of the stuff Ive done earlier (before the dust), check my homesite (its in Swedish, I will translate it) (any day now..): Design For Arts Sake

The inspiration to actually get going with this project came from: Make something 365 and get unstuck (Thank you Noah!)


april-13Skapad av Johanna lör, april 06, 2013 19:20:44
Moderna Museet Outdoor Exhibition "WYSIWYG"

Vernissage 6 april 2013 19:25

(To see the actual exhibit, scroll further down)


The Fallen Dinosaur (installation)

Springtime Elfqueen (silkscreen photo)

Peace Backwards (oil on canvas)

Marble frog/Hidden (marble)

Glowing Darkness (oil on canvas)

Sharpness Unfold (glas)

Rocket Sky (photo)

Sunrays Captured (installation)

Tranquility (rock)

In the Eyes of the Beholder (rubbish)

In the Eyes of the Beholder Inverted (rubbish)

Buccaneer Marooned (photo montage)

Desert. Water. (photo)

Where is the Goat? (photo)

Without title (marble, granit)

Stolen Art (photo)

City High (oil on canvas)

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